Aeronaut Brewery. 9/24. Blast off!

Aeronaut Brewery musicWe’re so excited to announce that we’ll be playing in Somerville at one of our favorite spots in the world, Aeronaut Brewery, on Thursday, September 24. We’ll be tearing up a 90-minute instrumental set with a ton of new material. We go on at 7pm and we’re playing with our good friends, Grinder Monkey and Erl Grey & The Fatty Acids for a Funk & Flights night that’s going to be just about as Funk as you can get.

There’s NO cover charge, so come hang out, have a beer, and enjoy nearly five hours of Funkvana!


Job Creators


Check Out NSFW, the Debut Album of Job Creators!

Job Creators Music - NSFW

We’re pumped to let everyone know that today is the day that Job Creators is releasing a massive 18-track debut album – including 4 live tracks from our awesome shows at the Aeronaut Brewery – that you can buy on CDBaby, iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, and other upstanding digital distribution channels. We’re beyond¬†proud of this debut album, which represents two years of pure drum and bass inspiration and countless years of tears shed over guitarists, saxophonists, and keyboardists.

Over the past year, Job Creators got the chance to really get established at the Aeroanut Brewery in Somerville, thanks to the faith of our friends from Something Gud, Community Canteen and, of course, the brewery itself. They gave us a chance to play and experiment in one of the coolest places in the Boston area today – special shout-out to Ronn, Jay, Nick, Teagan, and Anna for helping us get organized and giving us an amazing space to play.

A brewery-slash-startup incubator is literally the perfect place¬†for a band called Job Creators. We think of every song as a job for the ears, the listener, the musician, because what is a job but an experience that’s constantly changing, a frame of mind constantly rearranging? Jobs aren’t just things in the office, they’re the things we assign ourselves every day to make ourselves better, to learn and grow.

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