Job Creators @ Arlene’s Grocery – 5/1


Heya peeps! We’re playing this coming Sunday @ 9pm at Arlene’s Grocery in Lower East Side of the New York New York New York. We had an amazing time back in February playing Arlene’s and we’re really excited to play again. Great place, great beers, great sound quality & sound engineers. We go on at 9pm and tickets are $8. We’ll be debuting a bunch of new songs, too, so check it out!

Offish Facebook Event:

Hope to see you in the next tomorrow week.

❤ Job Creators


Boston Funk Show: Thursday, 1/23, McGann’s Irish Pub

Do you live in the Boston area? Do you like funk and/or slap bass and/or have $5 to spend? Come check us out at Mcgann’s Irish Pub – Job Creators is playing a show with two other awesome funk bands on 1/23. It’s only five bucks if you pay ahead of time. Check out the details here.