Hail to the King.

The Blind Barber is a bar in NYC that pretends to be a barber shop during the day. In the back of the barbershop, there’s a bar. In the back of that bar, there’s this place. Other items included an autobiography of John McCain written in the 70s and the photo above, which appears to be some kind of demonstration from the Civil Rights movement.

Videos from New York City!

Hey whats goin’ on?

Well…we had a great time playing our first show in New York City, at Desmonds Tavern! It was a pleasure and an honor to share the stage with The Guga Project, Wadada Movement, and Nova Cez Everything. The people, the music, the vibes, what a great night. We hope to do it again sometime, everyone made us feel at home that night.

There are a few clips and snippets from the show, they came out great too. However, some of the clips cut off right at transitions in our songs, leaving excruciating sonic tension. Take them as movie trailers for our songs. Check them out below!