Gen Z and Gen Y Are Getting Screwed When It Comes to Getting Jobs

photo.jpgLast week, the jobs report was kinda bad. Only 162,000 jobs were created and the estimates for the other months before that were revised. You know, because there were less jobs “created” than estimated.

Stuff gets really grim when you look at  young adult and teen employment. Because stuff sucks.

Gallup recently showed that LESS THAN HALF – 43% – of young adults age 18 – 34 are in a full-time employment position. Which also means that they probably don’t have benefits.

Meanwhile, a PBS report dramatically forecasts a potential “Arab Spring” because so many teenagers, age 16-19, are unemployed. Almost HALF of the jobs available to teenagers in the 1990s are gone.

You know all those summer jobs you may once have seen in a movie? Before Grandpa was working as a cashier, before the grocery store replaced all the cashiers with robots?

Well, teens can’t get those jobs. So they don’t work. Who’s the culprit? It begins with “tech” and ends with “nology.”

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Our increasingly automated economy… to math rock

We decided we’d start off with a little somethin… multimedia somethin.

That’s supposed to help drive traffic and make people listen to us. The Jury’s still out.

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