Live @ Newburyport Brewing Company is Now Available!

Do you want a relaxing jazz album to ease the endless woes of 2020?

Did you ever wonder what an 11 minute version of Rideshare sounds like? How about a 10 minute version of Shade Fade?

Well, you’re in luck! Today, we’re excited to announce that we’ve officially released our album “Live at Newburyport Brewing Company.” We’re especially proud to share these 10 tracks, totaling more than 80 minutes, which were recorded in August 2016 at the Newburyport Brewing Company in Newburyport, Massachusetts.

Why now?

Well, first off, Bandcamp has started 100% revenue share Fridays. That means that if you buy this album – or any other album from Bandcamp – the money goes directly to the band. So that’s awesome!

Second, with our down time from playing shows, we’ve taken some time to dig througho ur old recordings and videos and we kept coming back to this one. This show marked a pretty special time for us – we had finally started playing shows in New York and we were hammering out what our first EP, “Systems Online” would sound like. There are even three songs on here (“Recovery Steppes”, “What’s Right is Right”, “Version Control”), that didn’t make it on the final album and ended up being B-sides, instead. Three weeks after this show, we played Pianos for the first time… which would eventually result in a residency and main stage shows that we would play almost every other month until the, uh, pandemic.

Third, we’ve always loved playing breweries. Usually, the sets are longer and that gives us the freedom to explore and challenge ourselves as musicians, which results in some really special moments.

And finally, Newburyport has always been the home base for Job Creators. Whenever we play shows there, it’s usually a big family & friends affair. In this set, you can hear all those people in the background. The effect is almost like an old-timey recording in jazz lounge.

We hope you enjoy this new old album. Thanks for listening in what has been a really, really noisy year.


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