Pianos: 4/26

Let the Dream Harvest begin!

The beta test for Dream Harvest, our new album, is upon us! Not quite the album launch…. but we are getting there.

At 10pm in Friday, we will be taking the stage at Pianos to debut all new songs from the album.

Come and join us as we slowly but surely usher it into the world!!

Full show details: https://www.pianosnyc.com/event/1828092-grumby-dj-set-11-pm-free-new-york/


FRIENDS – the day is arriving, swiftly.

On Tuesday, 6/27, we’re going to be playing one of our favoritest playces in NYC – Pianos! We’ll be downstairs and we’re on at 9pm, debuting tons of amazing merch and the actual mixed mastered and beautified album, “Systems Online”!

So come celebrate with us by turning your systems online!